Jaqueline Cedar - November 22, 2014 - January 11, 2015

Added on by Mitchell Wright.

Cedar’s paintings are improvisational spaces that delve into abstraction and psychological scenarios. Structure and shape simultaneously form and collapse, creating a sense of motion, depth, and atmosphere. The figures that inhabit them are almost life size, suspended in theatrical space as actors, participants, and observers.
Her characters emerge as both drawing and sculpture(like), emphasizing the structure that they seem to elude. They are drawn in a loose but purposeful way; sometimes they are hollow but not empty, other times they are filled with colors and reflections from the backgrounds. They echo the people of Malevich and Giacometti, though more free-floating and indebted to the playfulness of cartoons.

Cedar’s paintings are meeting places for the geometric and the fantastical; an imagined architectural landscape that hints at outer space, carnivals, the deeps woods, and the strange interiors of dreams. They are at once a remembered past and an impossible future.

Jaqueline Cedar was born in Los Angeles, and lives and works in Brooklyn. She has an MFA from Columbia University, and BA from UCLA. She recently exhibited at Wharton + Espinosa Gallery, LA; and has been included in shows at Brian Morris Gallery, NY; Fredericks & Freiser Gallery, NY; and Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, among many others.