Nick Irzyk - Triple Andrew - March 12th - April 17th, 2016.

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106 Green is proud to present “Triple Andrew”, a solo show by Nick Irzyk. The show will run from March 12th - April 17th. There will be an opening reception on March 12th from 6-8pm. Gallery hours are on Sundays from 12-5.

Nick Irzyk approaches his paintings through a series of steps. He starts with a drawing on foam core. The foam core is cut apart and then reconstructed on a stretched canvas or set into plaster. Finally, he responds to this broken surface with paint. Iconic or recognizable shapes become abstracted or muddled as the mixture of paint, cracks, and slippery blue-white foam core begin to dictate their own meaning and space.

These painting composites feel architectural. The structure of them is clear, they are understood to be built. The paint applied onto the crafty, cheap material appears to float above the slickness of its surface. At the same time, the paint is in conversation with the fractured spaces created by the foam core. The result is a satisfying tension.

The paintings are thoughtful arenas for texture, gesture, color, shape, construction, cartoon, meaning. They are experiential, beautiful, and disruptive.

From the artist:

“Per Kirkeby talks about the difference between choreography and iconography in painting,
which I've been thinking about quite a bit: the way things are arrived at, the gesture behind the representation. I've been looking at a lot of illustrated communication models where ideas like signal or transmission are represented by different shapes and marks and incorporating them into my paintings. I find it to be a good metaphor for painting as a whole but also communication or rather miscommunication as a concept is what I'm really interested in terms of painting. Not that I want to make confusing work but I'm fascinated at how miscommunication is probably the biggest foible in life. Our inability to relate or understand succinctly produces degrees of confusion but also the possibility of the unimagined.”

Nick Irzyk was born in New Bedford, MA in 1988. He received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
His work has been shown at Motel and Art Helix in New York, and Page Bond in Richmond.
Recently he curated “Coal for Wine” at Brennan & Griffin, NY.