Studio Music - Letha Wilson

Added on by Mitchell Wright.

I've always loved how Letha's work is born out of long hikes and lived experiences...her feet and hands have touched the land she shoots. She finds an approachable intimacy and personality in the unapproachably sublime. As friends who have traded and talked a lot about music, I take a weird pride in knowing she's first hearing Kurt Vile's masterpiece Child Prodigy at my recommendation, while driving through Wyoming to see Devil's Tower. And thanks to her for turning me on to Run the Jewels, I've repeatedly watch the video of them backed by TV on the Radio destroying Angel Duster on Colbert, one of the best performances on a talk show...WATCH IT. Thanks Letha. - Jon Lutz

Funny because when throwing this mix together (which was actually very spontaneous I did it the next day after Jon asked me) the Origins of the songs somehow lead me  - besides places, and times associated with them, the Persons who introduced them to the music. The first Five songs , and the Bad Brains, are from my sister — she made me a very impressive mix tape when I was maybe 15 that totally obsessed me and I still am trying to recreate the playlist today. She made me a couple more mix tapes in the years after that, but all I have lost over time. And the mix definitely covers some grounds as far as moods or types of music:) - Letha Wilson

Letha was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Greeley, Colorado. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work can be seen here.