Studio Music - Kurt Kauper

Added on by Mitchell Wright.

I was fortunate to overlap perfectly with Kurt's brief stay at the Museum School in Boston. I was a first year grad student in 1996, fresh out of Georgia, and he had just moved to Boston from LA, having recently finished his MFA at UCLA. I have always loved Kurt's paintings, and he was a very influential teacher for me and a lot of artists I know. At that time, he was the only person I knew who had an equal love for contemporary art, Ingres, and classical music.


I almost never listen to music. I used to listen a lot, but all of the music I used to like became boring to me. Now, only a few songs or pieces are things I go back to. Sometimes, I hear a song or a composition that I love, but when I listen to the rest of the artist’s work, it’s disappointing. The only exception is Bach, whose music I love more and more as the years pass; I probably love him more than any other artist in any form. And I can listen to the same piece over and over, without tiring of it. Bach’s music is both gorgeous, and yet somehow physically painful. I can’t explain that any further, other than to say that it’s a quality I want in art. Besides Bach, only a few stray songs—sometimes songs that I heard purely by chance—touch me for one reason or another. Some of them are here.


Kurt Kauper was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and lives and works in New York city, His work can be found here.